Inspired primarily by The Linguist Blogger's YouTube videos where he demonstrates his Spanish and Portuguese abilities, I created a short video on YouTube, where I speak in Polish. I've never put anything on YouTube before and, honestly, in the sea of videos to be found there, I didn't expect anyone to notice it until I linked to it.

However, within an hour of posting it I was getting messages from other users and later comments! YouTube is awesome! I met a bunch of really nice people. So, I think I may post more videos, maybe even do a "video blog" in Polish for the practice.

Anyway, the video follows. Its not terribly interesting, I didn't really plan what I was going to say before I did it. But it at least "proves" that I speak Polish and gives me something to gauge my progress against. I imagine that in a year I'll listen to it and laugh at how bad my Polish used to be. ;-)


I like the idea of the videos

I like the idea of the videos gauging your progress! That's a fantastic idea. I'll have to get out my camera and record myself. :)

I don't technically speak

I don't technically speak Polish but your tube was lovely to hear. a mixture of french, german, and lots of others european sounds.

Very good accent for an

Very good accent for an american there:). I know what I'm talking about since I'm polish myself.
good work:)