Blogging is hard work!

Dude, how hard can you be blogging?  You haven't written anything since October!!

Not entirely true.

I've written plenty! What I've failed to do entirely is finish anything. I have got to be the slowest writer on Earth. At least maybe in Midwest America.

It may (or may not!) surprise you to learn that I have 31 unpublished articles saved in WordPress. Some of them are very apropos responses to other bloggers or events that happened at the time which now probably make absolutely no sense to publish! Some are things I'd still like to say. But all of them are just sitting there waiting for another X revisions before I'm happy enough with them to let the world read.

Why does it take me so long to finish writing? I may never know.

But this just me popping up to say I'm still here and I'm going to make another valiant attempt to get some things published.

For real.


It's all good. The whole

It's all good. The whole "getting married" thing really distracts one from blogging...or at least it should!