Lingwo.ws tutorial, part 1: Creating a service

This is the first part in a four part series on Lingwo.ws.  In this part, we will:

  • Install the reference implementation.
  • Create a simple example service.
  • Use "curl" to experiment using the service.

What is Lingwo.ws?

Lingwo.ws is an open specification for a way to design RESTful web services.  I've described earlier why this is desirable, but to summarize:

  • Shared expectations: RESTful web services can be just about anything, so long as they follow a few design principles.  So, when someone says a service is RESTful, you will still need to read its documentation and learn how specifically that service works.  If a service conforms to Lingwo.ws, however, this means it conforms to a specific design.
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